The Rogue Thranta (CEC YT-1760 Small Transport)



Released around the time of the Battle of Naboo, the YT-1760 was part of the popular YT series, intended to correct some of the shortcomings of its predecessors. Though it succeeded in improving on the slower sublight and hyperdrive speeds of older models, it did so at the cost of cargo capacity and defense capability.

The Rogue Thranta was a YT-1760 owned by Zan Kessler during the Galactic Civil War, it was heavily modified on the interior in order to expand cargo capacity and add smuggling compartments at the expense of a slightly weakened hull. The Rogue Thranta was named after the native “Thranta” flying creatures of Zan’s homeworld, Alderaan. The name is a self-conscious reference to himself in that Zan views himself as an Alderaanian who has mostly rebelled against the pacifist nature that is common to most Alderaanians. The Thranta has a single blaster turret and a stock hyperdrive, and bears a faded blue paint job on her dorsal side of a stylized thranta with wings that stretch around the hull.


The Rogue Thranta (CEC YT-1760 Small Transport)

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