Zan Kessler

If the credits are good, I'm in...

  • Human from Alderaan
  • Steel Grey Eyes
  • Dark Brown Hair
  • Small to Medium build
  • 1.77 meters tall
  • 23 galactic standard years old

Zan was born to a middle class family on Alderaan during the birth of the Galactic Empire, he grew up during the height of the Empire’s power. Zan’s parents never aspired to anything great, perhaps that’s how Zan managed to fashion such lofty goals for himself. He was going to be the King of Alderaan someday, he just knew it, despite the fact that he wasn’t a Royal or even a Noble. He was sure that if he worked hard, he’d get what he desired, but destiny is often cruel. The cynicism didn’t develop in a day, indeed, it most likely came to be over the course of a decade filled with disappointment and hardship. As Zan grew up, he found himself falling further and further away from the proud goals of his youth, instead finding himself in seedy Sabacc dens and running spices around the planet for the underworld of Alderaan, such as it was.

It wasn’t long before Zan found himself the owner of a well-used Corellian Engineering YT-1760, it was an older model, but ripe for modification, he had the cargo capacity on the ship increased and some special smuggling compartments installed, while this boosted the ship’s carrying limits it also weakened the ships integrity by a small degree. He christened her “The Rogue Thranta” in a rather self-aware homage to how far he’d strayed from the idealized Alderaanian. Of course, nothing in this galaxy is free, there is always a cost. In this case, the cost came in the form of a debt, one which Zan was eager to repay in order to further his goal of personal freedom. Off this planet, away from these snobs and off to see the galaxy! Zan Kessler has far too much potential for just one planet.

Psych Profile

  • Tendency to run his mouth, often talks without thinking, says what’s on his mind, this often lands him in trouble
  • Very proficient at fast talking and bluffing, this often gets him out of trouble
  • Crack shot with a pistol, less so with bulkier weapons
  • Decent pilot, there are definitely better pilots out there
  • As an Alderaanian, he’s morally opposed to smuggling weapons or slaves, often sticks to luxury goods, fugitives or spice
  • While morally opposed to smuggling weapons, will not hesitate to use them in defense

Zan Kessler

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